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Fourth Dimensional Consciousness


Consciousness is the ability to be aware of one's inner self and of one's surroundings. Everything has some degree of consciousness, although in some cases, science hasn't yet discovered how to identify or measure it.

A plant, for example, has more consciousness than a rock. It can lean towards the sun, send its roots towards water and close up at night. An animal has more consciousness than a plant as it can sense danger, hunt collaboratively in packs, and care for its young. A human has yet more consciousness in that it can solve mathematical problems, wrestle with abstract concepts and put a man on the moon.

One thing that science does tell us is that, at the subatomic level of everything, there are vast spaces between the particles and these spaces are filled with a vibrating energy. It appears that everything is made up of this vibrating energy and the vibration of this energy gives us the appearance (illusion) of solidity. As an object's vibration is slower, the illusion is one of more density or solidity. As it gets faster, it appears less dense and more non-material or spirit-like.

Referring to the examples of a rock, a plant, an animal and a human, their respective energetic vibrations are all slow enough to produce the appearance of solidity. As we move from a rock to a human the vibration is faster and the consciousness is greater. This means that the higher the vibration, the greater level of consciousness.

As there are no exact duplicates of anything in our universe, there are no two humans or objects with exactly the same rate of vibration. Everything and everyone has their own unique vibration, and consequently, their own unique level or degree of consciousness.

Human vibration falls into a range from low to high. This is where we live and it is referred to as the Third Dimension of Consciousness. Those humans vibrating at the lower end of the third dimension live in a fear-based world. They feel disconnected, depressed, unworthy and guilty, and often respond to their world by tightening up, resisting and fighting. These people can be characterized as asleep.

 Those at the higher end of the third dimension operate more from a base of love and see their world more optimistically, experiencing more trust, acceptance, courage, confidence, kindness, abundance, synchronicity and happiness. These people can be said to be more awake.

With the great shift of December 2012, we saw a shift in the Earth's consciousness.  At that time, a window of opportunity was created so that those humans, who want to, can accelerate their vibration and break out of the third dimension and enter the fourth.

The fourth dimension of consciousness is still on planet Earth and it is here that we have a level of consciousness that is often referred to as: "Enlightened." Our existence here is love-based, perpetually peaceful, more connected and we have a much greater understanding of the divine plan.

Right now, about one third of the Earth's population is open and ready to accelerate towards the fourth dimension. About a third are on the fence - some will start moving and some will not. The other third, those who are asleep, will probably have to come back for a few more lifetimes before their vibration has risen sufficiently.

It's much like we are in grade three, getting ready to graduate to grade four. Some are nearly ready to graduate while some still have quite a few lessons to learn. There's nothing wrong with grade three. As a matter of fact, it is necessary for grade four, just as learning arithmetic is necessary before we can start to learn mathematics.

So, for those of us who want to grow and graduate, how do we do it? How do we expand our consciousness, raise our vibration and become enlightened? Well, that's the subject of the next article...stay tuned.