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What are Some of the Uses of Handwriting Analysis?

Perhaps the most interesting and valuable use of hand writing analysis is that of learning more about ourselves. Many people think that this may be our primary pur pose in life. If it isn't, it is still one that seems to capture the interest of nearly everyone and, if you doubt this, just look at the magazine counters and bookshelves. Even when we are helping others to learn some thing about them selves, are they not reflecting things that give us further insights into ourselves?

Handwriting analysis can play an important role when ever it is useful to know something about human per sonality. Here are a few examples of how it can be used:

  • Personnel Selection - Inputs for making decisions about new hires, promotions, transfers and termina tions.
  • Compatibility Analysis - Can be used for putting to gether a small team of compatible individuals to work together on a group project. It could be helpful for two or three prospective business partners as well as for two people contemplating marriage.
  • Career Guidance - Knowing strengths, weaknesses, apti tudes and hidden talents relative to the require ments of specific careers can be invaluable.
  • Saving psychologists, psychiatrists and psychother a pists a great deal of "couch time."
  • Enabling teachers to identify the strengths, weak nesses, apti tudes and talents that contribute to or detract from their students' learning.
  • Supporting social workers and counselors in identify ing and dealing with their clients' behaviours and per son alities.
  • Helping buyers, sellers and other negotiators to iden tify ways that they might present points, argue posi tions and deal with conflict.
  • Assisting law enforcement agencies in the detection of crimes and in identifying suspects.
  • Prompting credit officers to ask more probing questions and enhance their investigations when analysis reveals an individual who may be a poor credit risk.