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Can an Analysis of Handwriting Predict the Future?

This question is not as preposterous as you might think. I have had it directed to me many times and it is not uncom mon to see handwriting analysts set up shop at psychic fairs. As well, some analysts freely admit to using their intuition to glean impressions from the script.

So, against that background, here's my answer: An anal y sis of handwriting will not directly predict the future. I happen to believe in human free will and hold that, for the most part, we have the ability to choose the actions that we take. I suspect that those who do predict the future, are somehow tapping into how our choices are trending and are reading the probabili ties about what may hap pen as a result. In effect, our future is not deter mined until we determine it; it depends on how we manage our choices.

Whether you believe that or not, you would probably agree that the more we know about an individual, the more we are able to make reasonable predictions about how he or she might behave under a certain set of cir cumstances.

For example, who is more likely to be the better man ager, A or B? A sets high goals, she has strong will power, determi nation, persistence and tenacity. She is outgoing, likes peo ple, thinks efficiently and has good control of her emotions. She is enthusi astic, intuitive, assertive and takes initiative. B, on the other hand, is weak in all of these areas and, in addition, is evasive, deceptive, argu mentative, dis organized and emotionally unsta ble.

In this example, we really cannot predict with certainty who is going to be the better future manager but, based on the forego ing short analysis, and, with all else being equal, the probabilities are that A will be a better man ager than B. To some degree then, handwriting analysis can give us insights that will help us to predict a probable future.