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Life Between Lives


If you don't believe in reincarnation, it might be because you don't have any reason to - fair enough. If you reject the idea and are a reasonable person, you have probably looked at the evidence objectively and have rejected it for what you believe to be good reason - also quite fair. If, on the other hand, you do hold reincarnation to be a real and valid concept, then you are among the large majority of people on this planet. So, for those who are believers and for those who are open-minded about reincarnation, what do you suppose happens between incarnations? That is what the pursuit of Life Between Lives (LBL) is about, and it is a growing area of interest in hypnotherapy.

Michael Newton, PH.D., author of Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Memories of the Afterlife, established the Michael Newton Institute for Life Between lives Hypnotherapy to certify LBL Hypnotherapists.  I have also had some experience with this and am currently reading diligently to understand it better.

To be clear, when I refer to other lives, as experienced in hypnosis, I'm usually careful to say "what appears to be a past, parallel, or future life." This is because no one knows for sure what the client is experiencing, e.g. it could be some figment of the imagination or something conjured up by the subconscious mind. I really don't care what it is, as much as I care about how helpful the content is to my clients.

Anyway, to explore LBL, I ask the client, in hypnosis, to go back to his/her earliest childhood memory. I then take them back to earlier times such as age three, age three months, the womb, and then back to their most recent past life. Once there, we explore a bit and then go to the death scene where the client reports the circumstances. I then ask: "What happens next?"

Reports from Michael Newton, his institute members, and yours truly all paint a somewhat similar picture. Here is generally what is reported:

  • The individual steps out of his/her physical body and experiences a spirit body that is much lighter, free of all pain and discomfort, and moves with perfect ease and fluidity.
  • The first being they usually encounter is their principal spirit guide. It seems we all have one main spirit guide and a few others, who from time-to-time, come into our lives with specialized guidance and inspiration.
  • This principal guide usually ensures that we calm down from any trauma of death and gets us oriented to what lies ahead. Sometimes, we don't immediately know that we have left the physical, or else we have carried with us beliefs such as hell, punishment, judgement, etc. These beliefs are sometimes played out for a while until they dissipate.
  • Next, we might meet deceased friends and relatives, many of whom have been with us in different roles through a number of lives. It seems we travel in soul clusters and we agree to support each other as we go through different variations of the physical world to help our souls evolve.
  • Our guide then takes us to a Council of Elders, where we debrief our most recent life with highly evolved individuals. Here there is no judgement, only profound love and support to help us evaluate what we had set out to do. People report constructive advice and a strong feeling of having "returned home."
  • It seems we then visit a sort of library, referred to by mystics as the Akashic Records. This is a place where all the experiences of our many lives are recorded and where we spend time integrating all the lessons of these experiences so that we can consolidate everything to date, as it contributes to the soul's evolution.
  • We then begin to plan the next adventure. We do this with some of the same guides and individual soul mates who played roles in other lives, e.g. the one who was our abusive spouse in one life agrees to be a sibling or parent in the next. We also plan the amount of energy we will bring to the new life, the gender, the body type, etc. Then, once ready, off we go to the next birth canal. There we begin to forget who and what we really are, namely, unlimited light energy aspects of God called souls, playing a game of limitation and separation, in a physical world of time and space, so that the soul can have experiential learning of what it already knows cognitively.

Well, that's generally the scenario that unfolds in a LBL session. I don't know exactly what is going on but what I can evaluate is what clients get from it. Overall, what they get is a taste of the bigger picture and the main purpose of their present life. This knowledge is both comforting and useful in helping them to understand why they are going through some of the crappy things that they may be experiencing. In seeing the bigger picture, they seem to get considerable comfort and a more focused sense of purpose.