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Nordic Pole Walking

What is Nordic Pole Walking?

Nordic Pole Walking is a low-impact, easy to learn, and enjoyable exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. There are approximately 350 scientific and clinical studies pointing to the health benefits of Nordic Pole Walking.

Nordic Walking Poles differ from hiking, trekking, or ski poles. They are adjustable, ultra light, and fit each individual so as to engage more than 90% of all body muscles. Millions of Europeans use Nordic Walking Poles, walking for health, fitness, and social enjoyment. Statistics show that Nordic Pole Walking is the fastest growing outdoor activity on the planet.

Where did Nordic Pole Walking originate?

Nordic Pole Walking originated in Finland and dates back to the early part of the 20th century. To stay in great physical condition all year long, Cross Country Skiers used their ski poles during the warmer months as their off-season training.

In 1985, it was thought that if rubber tips were put onto the ski poles, Nordic Pole Walkers could experience the same upper body conditioning walking that Cross Country Skiers did skiing. It is well documented that Cross Country Skiing is the most effective physical exercise for cardiovascular improvement and total body muscle strengthening, and now these same health benefits are available to Nordic Pole Walkers.

The term "Nordic Walking" came into being in 1997 when a Finnish ski equipment manufacturer, in cooperation with athletes and sports medicine experts, developed a fitness walking pole with an innovative wrist strap system. The wrist strap is the key component to the Nordic Pole Walking technique and allows the walker to access the full range of associated physical and health-related benefits.

Nordic Pole Walking has developed into a wonderful all-in-one exercise that not only develops good physical and muscular conditioning but it is also a safe and effective form of exercise for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. It is proving to be a fun, social, safe, and a very efficient way to exercise.

What are some of the benefits of Nordic Pole Walking?

  • Burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking!
  • Increases cardiovascular training up to 22%.
  • Incorporates 90% of all body muscles.
  • Helps to eliminate back, shoulder, and neck pain.
  • Up to 30% less impact on hip and knee joints.
  • Increases oxygen respiration by 25% or more.
  • Supports stress management.
  • Develops upright body posture.
  • Increases energy level
  • Enhances mental well being.
  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep.
  • Helps manage body weight, reduce body fat, and tone muscles.
  • Increases bone density to help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Helps increase flexibility and co-ordination.
  • Reduces high cholesterol and lowers the risk of high blood pressure, cancer of the colon, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and osteoarthritis.