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December 21, 2012 - The Great Shift

This is the date that the Pre-Columbian Mayan calendar ends. It seems that no one really knows what is supposed to happen after this date, but there is a great deal of speculation, ranging from the end of the world to a dawning of a new enlightened age. On the one hand, we have movies like 2012, depicting a major shift in the earth's axis, leading to devastation, doom and gloom. On the other hand, there are metaphysical sources pointing to a step forward in human evolution, which they say actually started a few years ago.

Doom and gloom is fear-based and we don't have to look far to find the doom-sayers and their "end of the world" rants. And, I suspect, we will be hearing even more from them as this date gets closer. The New Agers will also provide their perspectives and the media will likely amplify these as well. Neither extreme has any science to support its position, but then scientific backing isn't always available to prove reality, e.g. the earth went around the sun long before science could prove it.

So, should we be doing anything as this date approaches? Or, are we looking at another Y2K bust? Well, I don't know anyone who knows for sure. All I know is that there are many, far-ranging opinions, and if you step back from what is going on in the world, we do see great change, and it is accelerating. We look to be heading for some very interesting times, and in my opinion, they seem to be mostly positive, at least in the long run. In the short run, there will be setbacks, much like breaking eggs to make omelette.

Here are some things I have noted, both from metaphysical sources and from what seems to be happening around us:

  • North Africa and other parts of the Arab world seem to be moving towards some form of government by the people and improvement in human rights. Yes, there are sacrifices, killings, disruptions, etc. but dictators seem to be falling and positive changes appear to be coming.
  • Women are assuming greater roles in both politics and business. The gap hasn't closed yet but it's closing. Male and female roles are changing, the genders are blending, and metaphysical predictions state that the two genders will be more balanced, blessing our species with the strengths of both.
  • Both the doom and gloomers, and the new agers state that the earth will shake us. The former says that this is an angry response to how we have abused the earth. Metaphysical sources say that the earth is a sentient being and that it is shaking us awake. Regardless, we have recently seen earthquakes and tsunamis in New Zealand, Japan, and elsewhere, and scientists have found that the earth's axis actually have shifted very slightly at the time of the Japanese disaster.
  • There is a movement toward the spiritual (metaphysical), and I don't mean religion. As a matter of fact, it is coming more to light that misleading, controlling, fear-based institutions are in decline and that individuals are thinking more for themselves and are pursuing God in a great many personal and satisfying ways. There is clearly more interest in such things as channelling, past lives, meditation, spirit guides, life purpose, etc. Interestingly, we see this reflected increasingly in movies and television.
  • There seems to be a psychic shift. Psychic ability appears to be a by-product of expanded consciousness. So, if we are going through a shift in human evolution, then it should follow that there would be more alternative healers and psychics among us. And there are, aren't there? Again, movies and TV reflect this.
  • Science, through quantum physics, is starting to validate what the mystics have been telling us for centuries, e.g. everything is intelligent, vibrating energy; thought can move matter; objects can travel faster than light; everything and everyone affects everything and everyone else; we are all connected energetically; and more.

I don't know what will happen on 12/21/12. I suspect nothing much out of line with the general trend of accelerating change that is already upon us. I think it is an interesting time to be here and to observe the many changes that are taking place, and to speculate on what kind of world we will see in a few years from now. Overall, I think our evolution as a species is accelerating, the NHL is cracking down on head shots, and I'm optimistic. What's your take?