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Author: Peter Dennis, See Bio.

Publisher: CAPCO International

Print ISBN: 978-09698926-5-9

EBook ISBN: 978-09698926-9-4

  Metaphysics, An Adventure in Self-Discovery

This book starts with the premise that we are spiritual beings existing in a physical universe, each with a specific purpose. It explains the nature of creation and our role in it, and it sheds considerable light on many of lifes Bigger Questions, e.g. Who are we? What is our purpose? Who or what created everything? What is the Creator's purpose?

As well, this book provides clear explanations for many of the concepts that are important to understanding our own spiritual nature, e.g. the densification of energy, past life regression, channeling, laws of the universe, extraterrestrials, meditation, creating the future and a whole host of others. As we learn more about these concepts, we understand better where we fit in, we become more the architect of our destiny and less the victim of chance. As well, we can glimpse the beauty, order and magnificence of the divine plan. Indeed, developing these insights and understandings is a great adventure, and importantly, one of self-discovery. 


"I have been an avid reader of the metaphysical for years and have to say this book is one I have enjoyed the most. It's clear, well-organized and a good read. The logical way in which the concepts are interpreted clarified many of my opinions and thoughts, and put them right in front of me in easy-to-understand language. I felt the words were written right to me, the reader, as if Peter was right there and we were having a conversation." Elaine Charal

"This book is dynamite! It explains many complex, spiritual ideas in down-to-earth, easy to understand terms and it is especially effective in explaining how to meditate and how to conduct past life regressions." Steph Lekosky

"Have you ever asked a question on a complex topic and been pleasantly surprised when given a common sense answer? Author and past college professor, Peter Dennis, does that in his book, 'Metaphysics - An Adventure in Self-discovery' where he explains metaphysical and spiritual concepts using a direct approach.
For the most part, this is a quick read. Referring to extensive research and experience, he offers his opinions on various topics such as intuition, reincarnation, channeling, spirit guides, karma, predicting the future, how to meditate, how to deal with stress and so on. Check out the sub-chapter titled 'There Really Are No Past Lives.' I find the book to be a handy tool because it also walks the reader through easy to follow steps to learn interesting activities, such as seeing auras, meditating, conducting past life regressions. This is a little gem of a book that will be sure to become doggy eared in no time."
Jill Ledden, review for Tone, July/August, 2004, Volume 19, Number 11


Excerpts From The Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Universe

  • What Is God?
  • God is All That Is
  • God Is Not A Person
  • God Is Pure Consciousness That Includes Everything
  • God s Purpose Is To Experience And Create
  • God Fragments Into Powerful Parts To Experience Limitation And Separation
  • Summary
  • We Are Multi-Dimensional And Holographic
  • Summary
  • We Densify Energy To Create The Illusion Of A Physical Universe
  • The Seven Densities
  • Summary

Chapter Two: Some Other Pieces to the Puzzle

  • Belief
  • Reincarnation
  • Laws of the Universe
  • Channeling
  • Spirit Guides
  • Angels
  • Judgment
  • Gratitude
  • Injury, Dis-ease and Aging
  • Sleep
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Karma
  • Predicting The Future
  • Emotion

How to Purchase This Book

The printed version of this book can be purchased in most major bookstores, especially Amazon .  If it isn't in stock, the bookstore can order it from the distributor Quanta (www dot quanta dot ca). It can also be purchased on my website at: Books .The usual retail price is $16.95.

The electronic version of this book sells for $5.99 and can be purchased for download, for nearly any electronic reader, including Kindle, Kobo, Nook, PCs, Macs, Ipads, Androids, Iphones, IOS, Blackberries, etc. To download your electronic copy, click on one of these retailers:


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