Channeling Facilitator, Spirituality and Meditation Teacher, Author, Speaker and Podcaster.
Channeling Facilitation 

As a Channeling Facilitator, I work with two types of clients: Individuals who would like to become Channelers and individuals who are already Channelers.


For those who would like to become Channelers:

  • After an initial discussion, if the client wishes to proceed, I will hypnotise the client and then guide her/him in an attempt to make contact with a high-vibrational Being of the Light. This is almost always successful but contact is never guaranteed. For this first session, I charge $200.
  • If the client would then like a second session, my charge for that is also $200.
  • After these first two sessions, and once it is clear that I am working with a Channeler, I will provide an additional three sessions free of charge.
  • All five of these sessions will be recorded and the client will receive an mp3 copy of each recording.
  • Finally, if the client wishes to have additional channeling practice, I will add his/her name to a "Practice Buddies" list of other Channelers with whom they can practice. This list is growing and currently contains more than a dozen Channelers.


For those who are already Channelers:

  • I will facilitate one-hour sessions for $150 each and provide the Channeler with an mp3 recording from each session.
  • If after one or more sessions, the Channeler wishes, she/he can also be added to the Channeling Buddies List.


For those who would like to channel for the public:

If a Channeler wishes to take this talent to the public, where she or he can earn money by offering one-on-one private sessions and/or events for audiences, I offer some services that will help them to do this. These services include:

  • A listing on my website's Channelers page where the Channeler's photo and contact information is displayed. If they have videos, up to three of them can also be displayed on this page. You can see examples here.
  • A video interview of at least 30 minutes, where I interview the client and her/his Being(s). Here is an example.
  • Three, three-to-five-minute videos where the channeled Beings can speak on whatever subjects they and the client agree upon. Click here  to see an example.
  • The Channeler's video interview and all three videos can be posted on my YouTube channel. You can see examples here.
  • One-on-one practice sessions with someone whom the Channeler doesn't know.
  • Practice sessions with an audience of up to six volunteers.
For prices on these services, contact me and I will send you a price list.


Public events:

When Channelers plan public events, I can publicize these events, record them, distribute the recordings to the participants, manage the ticket sales and act as Moderator, making introductions and orchestrating the Q&A. For this service, my fee is one third of the profit.


The Channelers with whom I have worked (51 as of November 26, 2021) can pursue channeling in any of three ways:

1.   For remuneration, the Channeler can offer one-on-one counseling sessions for individuals and/or presentations to groups. If you have qualms about charging money for these services, check what Source has to say about it by clincking here.

2.   A Channeler may have no interest in taking this ability to the public and may use it only privately, among a few close friends. 

3.   A Being may merge its consciousness with the Channeler's so that when the Channeler speaks or writes, the choice of words, the fluidity of expression and the wisdom of the Channeler are all enhanced. In this form of channeling, others, and maybe even the Channeler, may have no idea that channeling is taking place.

Regardless of how Channelers choose to use their channeling talent, they always derive personal benefits e.g. better health, less stress, more confidence, more peace, etc. As well, they always become a beacon of light for others.

If you have questions or would like to discuss any of this, you can contact me at email or at 905-771-1543.


If this subject interests you, consider joining The Channeling Connection Facebook Group page by clicking: here.

If you'd like to contact a Channeler, listen to some of their recordings or see their videos, click here.




"My name is Robin Jelinek and I channel a group called  Athena in Truth. Peter has been an important connection for me to have. His expertise and understanding of channeling has helped me to navigate what is a huge life change for me. He has been available to assist me and confirm me with his knowledge of hypnosis, natural healing, and many other modalities that he uses. Peter has not only offered me his wisdom, he has offered his business sense and organizational skills as well. I would highly recommend him as a go to source for anyone who is a channeler or hoping to become one. " 

Robin_Head_and_shoulders_Cropped..jpg    Robin Jelinek, Channeler for Athena in Truth. Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA,
"Working with Peter has helped me to take a leap forward and a leap of faith, and I have developed a true and trusting working relationship with him and my guides. Peter has helped me tap into a deeper and stronger connection with my channeling. With his help I have been able to fine tune my skills as a Channeler. He has helped me streamline my connection and create a stronger and impactful spiritual communication style which has given me the confidence to reach further and start impacting more lives of the people around me. Thanks, so much Peter, you are awesome!"

Melissa_Cropped_Square.jpg    Melissa Downard, Spiritual Channeler and Intuitive Healer, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada,


"Peter Dennis is lovingly offering humanity a wealth of opportunity, elevating consciousness through his work in direct communication with spirit. His kind and gentle manner and pure essence of love merges with that of the higher beings, and provides clear communication exchange. His role as Facilitator is a great one, not only as one who presents the exchange of dialogue but of one with support and guidance for the channeler her/himself. As a channeler, I highly recommend his service to all who wish to expand into the unknowingness without fear or judgement.

Peter has assisted me with having the courage to open and allow spirit to speak through me more easily, to be more at ease using my voice-box, having recently transitioned from academic writing communication. He has provided a safe and comfortable environment for me to do this. I am awaiting all possibilities as I continue working with Peter, with faith and trust I am in loving hands."  

Joannas_Photo_1_Cropped.jpg   Joanna Alexopoulos, Channeler, Author, Empath, Energy Healer and Motivational Speaker, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,


"Peter has been highly instrumental in getting me to publish channeled messages from The Divine Realm.  While I've been channeling for many years, I have been shy to share. Peter has given me confidence and encouragement to share open-heartedly. He is a wonderful mentor. I'm so grateful for his presence.  He provides loving emotional support and helpful social media connections. The Divine Realm is very pleased with Peter publishing their messages.  I highly recommend Peter Dennis as your channeling facilitator, for your channeling adventures!"

 Terri_Ranier_Cropped.jpg    Terri Rainier, Channel for The Divine Realm, Relationships Mentor, Life TransformedTM  Certified Coach, Canton, North Carolina, U.S.A.

"Peter is a professional and wonderful facilitator. After I had made initial contact with the Inner Earth Beings, Peter encouraged me to practice channelling through hypnosis techniques to connect with my guides. He is very knowledgeable in his field and he knows exactly what questions to ask to help you. If you are looking for a professional and certified hypnotist to help facilitate your journey, Peter will get you started and usher your journey forward. His intention is always to help and create a supportive environment for channellers to embrace their gifts."    

Tiffanys_PhotoCropped.jpg    Tiffany Tin, International, Master-Level Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Starseed Channeller. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

"Working with Peter has been a productive and very enjoyable process. His unobtrusive approach really made me feel at ease and as if I was taking the next, most natural step forward - even when I felt a wee nervous and uncertain that I could or would channel. His direct yet relaxed approach gave me confidence and let me step into really going for it. And I'm so glad I did! Now I'm channelling for others on a regular basis and it's really helped me to take my coaching business into an enhanced direction. Thank you, Peter!" 

 Susans_Headshot_Edited.jpeg    Susan James, Life TransformedTM Certified Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,


"I am greatly appreciative of Peter's knowledge and expertise as I have stepped into my channeling practice. First and foremost, he was encouraging and patient when working with me as I practiced this 'art'. Not only is his knowledge of channeling beneficial, but his knowledge and experience with recording sessions was very helpful. Working with Peter has not only increased my comfort level with channeling, he has also given great support and advice around recording and managing the channeled messages that have come through. Thank you for your support Peter!"

Tinas_Head_and_Shoulders_Cropped.jpg   Tina McPhee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I have worked with Peter Dennis as a hypnosis client since 2017, and more recently as a channeler. Peter and I worked together extensively for many months during 2018 to establish my channeling gifts.  

It was through Peter's extensive abilities as a hypnotist, and experienced facilitator skills with other channelers, that we discovered my innate gift to channel. Peter was instrumental in helping me master this gift and guiding me to hold my first public event. 

I have since held over a dozen public events, have over 20 public recorded transmissions online and have helped numerous individuals with decisions and questions on everything from relationship success to business decisions and fulfilling on one's life purpose. 

Peter is very skilled and experienced in helping channelers take the first steps to becoming comfortable with the ability to channel and launching this gift out to the world. If you are interested in discovering if you may be a channeler, I would highly recommend a few sessions with Peter to see if this is for you." 
SQ_GailScottBioPic_05.jpg    Gail Scott, Founder and President Bosie International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,


"When Peter approached me to explore the possibility that I could channel, I was both excited and hesitant - hesitant because as a certified hypnotist myself, I know what can be done in a hypnotic state. I met Peter at a Tim Hortons to feel him out. After 2 hours of discussion I discerned that Peter was indeed a heart-based individual and it was safe to proceed. Later that week I arrived at his home with my own recording devise, just to be safe.

 My first session with Peter unfolded beautifully. His skills as a hypnotist are excellent and very clean. Within a very short time I was able to relax and the Sky Beings emerged. I was elated! I felt their presence and loved what they had to say. All of my channeling practice sessions with Peter have been very professionally conducted. And his continued support for all ‘his' channelers says so much about him. Helping people open up to channeling IS his passion. I am so grateful to Peter for connecting me with ‘my Beings' and my all new channeler friends. This channeling ability continues to have a profoundly positive effect on my life. Thanks Peter! Keep up the good work!"
Karen-Heywood.png    Karen Heywood, Energetic Healer & Channeler, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

"Peter Dennis originally hypnotized me to see if I had any past lives as Star Beings (ET's). To both our surprise, I started responding with "we" not I.  "We" were the Pleiadians which I later learned are my soul family.  Peter and I had many months of happy and informative weekly channelings with them.  They spoke of Gaia's energy, upcoming possible earth events, levels of consciousness and how we can be more present.  They also answered personal questions.  It was a wonderful time of exploration into cosmic topics and new realms.  Peter is a great facilitator and big supporter of channelers".
Karen_Cropped.jpg    Karen Ashby,   Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
"Peter is a patient, experienced, and insightful hypnotist who helped me discover my channeling abilities. Thanks to his deep understanding of channeling, I was able to hone my channeling skills, and in turn, leverage them for the benefit of many. Thank you Peter".
thumbnail_Kate-Woodley.jpg    Kate Woodley,   Markham, Ontario, Canada,,
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