Advisor, Confidant and Certified Consulting Hypnotist; Channeling Facilitator, Metaphysician, Handwriting Analyst and Meditation Teacher; Author, Speaker and Podcaster.

 Hypnosis, Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

This can be either a talk of approximately an hour and a quarter or it can be expanded into a one-day seminar. Typical events would include:

  • Keynote addresses
  • Educational talks
  • Conference workshops
  • Training programs
  • Lunch and learns
  • Study-group meetings

Depending on the time allowed, subjects covered would normally include:

  • Some similarities between hypnosis and meditation
  • Some differences between hypnosis and meditation
  • An explanation of Self-hypnosis
  • The law of Attraction and ten ways we undermine it
  • Some benefits of meditation
  • Some common myths about hypnosis
  • Some uses for hypnosis
  • The two basic approaches of Hypnotherapy
  • An experiential group, guided meditation

For additional information, or if you would like to discuss fees or bookings, please contact me at 905-771-1543 or at